Las Vegas – 18 Tips on Looking Good in Sin City (Part III)

Want to know the best way to fit in when you go to Las Vegas? Read these tips. They relate to lounges, restaurants and then some general considerations. For the first thirteen tips, see Las Vegas – 18 Tips on Looking Good in Sin City – Parts I and II.

14. Looking Good in the Lounge. Well, you should know already that “lounge” in Vegas can mean many things, from the bar in the airport to an “ultra-lounge,” which looks for all the world like a nightclub. If the venue offers music and dancing, adopt the same ideas that you would have for a regular nightclub, except you should be mindful that most “lounges” that use that designation are purposefully more casual than their nightclub counterparts. The rule against tourist get-up still applies, but the dress code is usually a bit more relaxed, especially earlier in the evening.

15. Dressing for Fine Dining. Good restaurants in Vegas almost always have a “dress code.” Only a couple places insist on jackets for the gentlemen, and they make that requirement known well in advance. The term most often employed is “appropriate attire.” It is easiest to say what this term rules out: sweatshirts and t-shirts, shorts and cutoffs, baggy pants, and sandals and sneakers. Designer jeans usually get by, and shirts with a collar will work. Women wearing either business-casual clothing or cocktail party wear will do just fine. Of course, no one is ejected for being too dressed up, but “stylish casual” is right where most restaurants like to be.

16. General Tip: “Cool” is more about Conduct than Clothes. Do not put on airs, do not feign familiarity with something when you don’t know (it’s obvious to everyone else, and can be pathetic). This is especially true with gaming jargon. Stick to the basics. Don’t lose your mind, either. Las Vegas is a place to “let loose,” but try to hold it all together upstairs. The staff get to see several melt-downs every month or so, and it’s not pretty. Be impressed when something deserves your wonder. Some visitors try to pretend that Vegas is just unremarkable and normal. Of course that’s not true. If you feign composure when something amazing comes along, you’ll be seen as a phony. Conversely, don’t gape your jaw over the commonplace. Getting the balance just right may be a trick, but you’ll be happier with your Las Vegas experience when you do.

17. Add Clothing After You Arrive. Save a portion of your vacation budget for shopping. Take some time to enjoy one of the most agreeable activities in town. Las Vegas has lots of outlets and boutiques and everything in between. Come with room in your suitcase and some extra bucks in the wallet. You may enjoy setting out into uncharted malls. Besides, new attire is a better souvenir of your vacation than some porcelain cactus or shot glass. Shopping after arrival also allows you to adjust to the weather you have encountered. This also helps you recover if you find you just didn’t pack the most useful or stylish things for your stay.

18. “Style” is Evasive: Stay on Your Toes. Being “in” requires a lot of effort some times, and a little luck, too. You can not be conformist; it is definitely not cool to be a lemming. But you can’t be too innovative, either, since “fashion” also involves the tastes and behaviors of others. It is one thing to be noticed and another to be thought a curiosity. In Las Vegas this is especially tricky, as the city is filled every day by people from all over the world. Staying in touch with what is stylish requires a good eye for aesthetics and an open mind to adapt to new things before they become commonplace.

You may decide that being “cool” or looking good in Las Vegas is just too much hassle. Since you’re on vacation anyway, it may make more sense just to sit back, relax, lay out the “basic black,” and have a good time.

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