Tummy Tuck Jeans – Not Your Average Moms Jeans

The testimonies of women who have been talking about their tummy tuck jeans are astounding the scores of women who spend hours on an electric treadmill. A pair of soft jeans designed to lift the bottom and tuck the tummy has given women a new way to look great at any age.

Made by NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans), the brand has proven a sophisticated way for women to escape the “mom jeans” affinity. Mom jeans are the unflattering name given to jeans worn by middle age women with high waists and that emphasize flat behinds and make them appear to have frumpy figures.

Mom jeans have been notorious for having annoying waistbands, which makes jean fabric gather in a way that leaves the body undefined and aged. These telling relics are often worn frequently by mothers who have little time for themselves and have an extreme need for comfort over style. Perhaps they have received their pejorative names because every woman who has ever been a mother has probably been tempted to cater to this kind of need for comfort just to get through the day.

Tummy tuck jeans have now started to pop up in some of the most notable retail shops as a sophisticated alternative to mom jeans. Macys, Nordstrom, Dillards, Lord & Taylor and many other upscale boutiques have been filling their stock racks with these jeans and selling them to women who desire a change in their usual look.

Many of the jean styles are trendy enough to include understated embellishments that are easy to pair with either a casual top or dressier blouse. The luxury comes in knowing that you can dress the jeans down with casual flats and a sporty top, or you can elect to slip on a pair of girly heels and an after-five shirt to appear a bit more glamorous. The look is all up to you.

Over decades, jeans have become one of the most versatile pieces of the wardrobe for a woman. The tone you may set with your jeans can be laid back, a bit more flirty or business casual (if you add a blazer over a proper top).

Tummy tuck jeans only enhance your existing choices. What a thrilling feeling to know that you can slip on a pair of jeans that will raise your bottom, flatten your tummy and take years off of your attitude about yourself. Women of the 21st century could not give themselves a more perfect gift.

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